Pregnancy Pilates Programme

Pregnancy Pilates Programme

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Our classes will take you from your first trimester right up until you deliver. Before you start, read the following to understand how the programme is designed to take you through your pregnancy safely. Please also read the downloadable PDF "Guidelines for Exercise in Pregnancy" before you start.

How to use the classes:
We have designed the pilates programme specifically for each stage of your pregnancy in 4 week sections. You should follow the stages of our workouts week to week, but you can also choose to do a class from later on in the programme. Once you reach the next stage of your pregnancy, avoid choosing a class from a previous stage, for safety reasons. We have created an optional Workout Calendar for each stage, which you may like to follow.

We also have a section of Extra Workouts which can be done as additional classes at any stage in the programme. The Cardio Workouts are short, interval based workouts which are designed to get your heart rate up. As long as you are cleared to exercise by your LMC these workouts are safe to do at anytime in your pregnancy. However you should ensure that you listen to your body and always stick to the recommended moderate level of exercise intensity. You can add these shorter cardio workouts onto to any pilates class to increase the overall work of your exercise session. Or you can do the workouts on their own for a quick, higher intensity workout session.

What you will need:
For the classes you will need a pilates ball, a long resistance band and an optional loop resistance band. If you'd like to purchase an equipment pack for $29, please email [email protected]. We also use some light 1-2kg hand weights but you can use tinned cans as a substitute.

Please consult your doctor before starting this exercise programme. As with any exercise programme, if at any point during the class you begin to feel faint, dizzy or have any physical discomfort, you should stop immediately and seek medical advice. We also recommend a pelvic floor check with a pelvic health physiotherapist at some stage in your pregnancy to ensure you are performing the pelvic floor exercises, and core exercises correctly. 20 weeks is a good time in your pregnancy to do this.
Unity Studios will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of our Pilates programmes.

Enjoy! And please email any feedback to us.

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Pregnancy Pilates Programme
  • Weeks 1-12: Full Body With Ball

    Episode 1

    This class is suitable for anytime in your first trimester up until 12 weeks. This is a full body workout using the ball.

  • Weeks 1-12: Arms, Abs & Glutes

    Episode 2

    This class is suitable for anytime in your first trimester up until 12 weeks with a focus on deep abdominals and gluteal strength.
    You will use your ball, a towel or a cushion and 1x 1kg weight.

  • Weeks 1-12: Arm & Leg Workout

    Episode 3

    This class is suitable for anytime in your first trimester up until 12 weeks. We focus on leg and arm strength.
    You will need your ball, your band and 2x 1kg weights. Sophie uses her long band tied in a loop, but you can choose to use your loop resistance band if you have one instead.

  • Weeks 1-12: Abs & Legs with Ball

    Episode 4

    This class is suitable for anytime in your first trimester up until 12 weeks. This class focuses on abdominal and lower body strength.
    You will need your ball.

  • Calendar Weeks 6-12

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  • Guidelines for Exercise in Pregnancy

    76.4 KB

    Please read for guidance on safe exercise in pregnancy.