Postnatal Pilates Series

Postnatal Pilates Series

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Before you start, please read the following information to understand how the classes are structured to ensure safety. We've created this program to support your recovery after birth. You can use this program to rehabilitate after pregnancy and birth, and build strength to be able to care for your baby. Additionally, you can use it to work towards getting back to your usual form of exercise, such as the gym, running or your pilates studio.

The main part of the programme is designed to begin from six weeks postnatal but we also have four short 'pre-work' classes, which you can do anytime from two weeks postnatal. These 'pre-work' classes will teach you the fundamentals of rebuilding your core, posture, and pelvic floor.

The workouts are structured into levels so that you can progress your core control, pelvic floor function and overall strength safely and effectively. Start with our 'pre-work' classes, then move to the Level 1 classes, which can be started from six weeks postnatal, as long as you've been cleared to exercise by your health professional. Work on each level for at least two weeks, to ensure good technique and strength, before moving onto the next level. You can stay at any level for longer than two weeks, to fine tune your technique before moving up a level, if needed. You can choose to do a class from a previous level at any time as well.

You can also start this program any time later than six weeks postnatal. No matter how far postnatal you are when you join the program, you should start with the 'pre-work' classes first, then Level 1, and so on.

For these classes you will need a pilates ball, a long resistance band and an optional loop resistance band. If you'd like to purchase an equipment pack for $29, please email You can choose to use your loop resistance band instead of knotting your long band as we do, if you prefer. We also use some light 1-2kg hand weights but you can use tinned cans as a substitute.

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before starting this exercise programme. As with any exercise programme, if at any point during the class you begin to feel faint, dizzy or have any physical discomfort, you should stop immediately and seek medical advice. We also recommend that you have an assessment with a pelvic health physiotherapist to check your pelvic floor and abdominal separation and to ensure you are performing pelvic floor exercises correctly. 6 weeks postnatal is a good time to do this.
Unity Studios will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of our Pilates programmes.

Enjoy! And please email any feedback to us.

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Postnatal Pilates Series
  • Pre-Work: Posture & Positioning Advice

    Episode 1

    This class teaches about functional movements and techniques which will help you with lifting, feeding, changing baby and how to look after your body. You can start this from 1-6 weeks postnatal and come back to it at anytime.

  • Pre-Work: Stretch Class

    Episode 2

    This class is about stretching and mobility and is great to do early postnatal to help relieve back and shoulder tension. This class is safe to do from 1-6 weeks postnatal.

  • Pre-Work: Core Connection and Pelvic Control

    Episode 3

    This class teaches you how to reconnect your deep core muscles and takes you through a safe early postnatal series for your core and pelvic control. This class is safe to start during 1-6 weeks postnatal.

  • Pre-Work: Pelvic Floor Muscle Training

    Episode 4

    This class is about finding and training your pelvic floor muscles. You can start this from 1-6 weeks postnatal and you can use this as a pelvic floor training session at anytime in your postnatal programme.

  • Guidelines for Exercise Postnatal

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  • Weeks 2-6 Postnatal

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